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This is an archived post for my old H2MMO.com podcast; enjoy!

OMG! What have we gone and done now? Welcome to the very first episode of the H2MMO podcast! I am joined by TrishB, BrettS, and BrandonY as we discuss all the Christmas video game goodness that we received over the holidays. This was our first run, so please be patient with us as we work out the kinks in our production process. I know that my audio is a little low and the others are a little high, but we’ll fix that in the next episode.

In this episode we discussed:

Assassin’s Creed II, Avatar, Borderlands, Super Mario Brothers (Wii), the Xbox 360’s Red Ring of DEATH, Torchlight (PC), Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Aion, WoW Patch 3.3, Star Trek Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

We’d like to thank Blind Monkeez for lending their awesome music to the podcast, and you the listeners for taking the time to listen to us babble on about video games. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or any urge at all to contact us, e-mail us at: h2mmo.blog@gmail.com.

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One Comment on "Podcast Archive: H2MMO Podcast: Episode 0 – Christmas Extravaganza"

  1. balor January 7, 2010 at 1:15 am - Reply

    Pretty spiffy podcast…. I’m looking forward to the Star Wars release. I’m looking to be a smuggler or a Jedi Consular. I’m leaning heavily toward the republic so there is hope Mike that you will get to play your trooper. Crosses fingers that they don’t mess smugglers up as Star Wars Galaxies did. One thing that isn’t on the web site unless I missed it. Is the races you will get to choose from. Guess I will find out more when the game is released. Well looking forward to the next podcast.

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