Play SWTOR with the Staff

Come get your Jedi on! Well, not really Jedi at this point so much as Sith, but hey, they’ve all got those nifty lightsabers, right? At any rate, if you are looking to play Star Wars: The Old Republic with the staff, their friends and family, then c’mon! All the info you need is below:

Server: Corellian Run
Server Type: PvE (Player versus Environment)
Population: Medium (during early access)

Guild: We Have Cookies (Check us out over on Google+!)
Faction: Sith Empire
Time Zone(s): Eastern (GMT-5) and Central (GMT-6)

Guild Members
Nebuchadrezzar (Sniper; Damage) – William
Wiley (Mercenary; Healer) – William
Snively (Sith Juggernaut; Tank) – William

Maleigh (Sith Sorcerer; Healer) – Mandy

Hayt (Sith Sorcerer; Healer) – Michael Bartok
Rioja (Sith Assassin; Damage) – Michael Bartok

Tyrainee (Sith Marauder; Damage) – Trish Bartok
Rannie (Powertech; Tank) – Trish Bartok

Fated (Sith Juggernaut; Tank) – Jeff
Dspkable (Sniper; Damage) – Donovan

We’re still waiting on Rob, Pam, Duffy, Dustan, and more!

We are also planning on making a Republic guild on the same server, but we’re not letting the name out just yet. 😉