Metroid Prime: Trilogy

8 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Story: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10

Retro game play

quirky controls

Game Info

GAME NAME: Metroid Prime: Trilogy

DEVELOPER(S): Retro Studios Nintendo

PUBLISHER(S): Nintendo


GENRE(S): First Person Shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): August 24th, 2009


 When the announcement came that Nintendo would be bundling all three Metroid Prime games together, and giving Prime 3’s Wii control scheme to the first two games in the series (which were previously released on the Gamecube with those controls), I had only one thought: “About damned time!”

I am a die-hard Metroid fan and an avid gamer, and I can tell you that this is one of Nintendo’s wisest decisions.

Overall Experience:

With the advent of the remarkably well-refined Prime 3 controls in the other two Primes, this package deal is worth every red communist cent you have. All three games are very fine additions to the Metroid series, despite deviating from the traditional play scheme of 2D side-scrolling and moving to a first person shooter formula, the actual exploring, shooting and looting aspects are kept the same and keep the series fresh and fun. The music draws you in, echoing classic ‘troid themes and adding new music which isn’t too shabby.

Metroid Prime:

Taking place in between Metroid and Metroid 2 (or Metroid and Super Metroid for those of you who never played the Gameboy sequel), this game kicks off the trilogy. With a dynamite story and great areas to flesh out and explore, it was a very worthy Metroid game, and it quelled the fears that Metroid fanboys had about an FPS Metroid game.

Metroid Prime 2:

Not necessarily a bad game, but certainly the least good of the three. A literal “light vs. dark” story makes this an entry in the series with great promise but a playing experience that fell short to me. The dark world gameplay felt too difficult, too hard to see and navigate, and it wasn’t even a new area. You simply played the same area again, but it was “dark”. Although I loved all of the Dark Samus stuff.

Metroid Prime 3:

All I can say is WOW. Not only is it the best in the trilogy, it’s one of the best Metroid games I’ve ever played, and it’s easily the best game on the Nintendo Wii. Introducing a ship assistance gameplay mechanic, the “corruption” elements of play, and the best control scheme on the system, I was absolutely blown away when I sat down to play this for the first time last year. It’s the most story-driven Metroid game, and what a story it has! An epic finale with the Dark Samus that appeared in Prime 2, and a tight, kcikass conclusion to the trilogy. One would think this would lead into the next game in the series chronologically, but it appears to make room for at least one more game before Samus travels back to SR388 in Metroid 2.

And with the announcement of Metroid: Other M earlier this year, that game could in fact be it. Developed by Team Ninja of Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive fame, it delves back into the side-scrolling formula with some 3D twists. That game could be powerful good.


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