Who we are

The staff here at are a loosely organized group of family and friends who have almost no qualifications for anything even remotely resembling professional video game journalism; except for our abiding love of all things video game related. And while we are not paid professionals, we are all life-long avid gamers.

Like you, we work hard for our money and, in the past, we’ve been burned by a bad game that we paid far too much for. It is out of this love of video games and this experience with bad games that we take to the Internet in an effort to protect ourselves, and you, from bad, overpriced gaming experiences. So, with that in mind, come meet the staff of

Michael Bartok (Editor)

Michael Bartok

Michael Bartok is the organizing influence behind H2MMO – a blog about the video games that the people he knows and trusts like to play. Mike has been an avid video gamer since the advent of the video game industry and has played everything from Space Invaders on the first Atari home console to the most recently released PS3 and PC games and then gone on to complain about every game and every console that he has ever played.

Brandon Y (H2MMO Podcast Co-host)

Brandon is the dead-pan co-host of the H2MMO Podcast and self-confessed fanboy of the Xbox 360.

Matt (H2MMO Podcast Co-host)

Matt is another life-long video gamer who has played everything from text-based MUDs to Final Fantasy XI to World of Warcraft. When he’s not whipping up some gourmet culinary delight in the kitchen, you can find him on the PlayStation Network playing something cool or with his head buried in some MMO or the other.

Trish Bartok (Website Administrator)

Trish is an unrepentant Sims addict who, oddly enough, doesn’t own any EA stock at all. She has the Sims on the PC, the Wii, the PS2, and her iPhone. If she’s not “watching a movie” (read that as “napping on the couch”), then you’ll either find her playing her Tauren druid in World of Warcraft or bulding yet another house in one version or another of the Sims.

Brett S (former Lead Blogger)

Brett was the first (and last?) lead blogger for until the Great Recession ate his soul and he disappeared in a haze of drunken travelogues. Brett hates generic bios such as these, and aspires to one day rejoin humanity in its great quest to acquire more useless stuff that doesn’t bio-degrade in landfills. Then he wants to write about it. Shocker.