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Hey there, kids!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Brett and I’m an alcoholic. Wait, this isn’t the… oh, right. That’s next Tuesday. No no, I’m not an alcoholic but I am a mega-nerd. SHOCK! AMAZEMENT! But it’s true.

Now today in my initial blog for our soon to be illustrious blog, I’m going to be talking to you all about a game called The Secret World. None of you have likely even heard of it. There’s almost no information on it and it’s just getting started amping up the hype.

But therein lie the skills of these devious game designers at Funcom. Sure, their latest attempt at MMOing may have tanked (see Age Of Conan), but everyone loved Anarchy Online, right? Anyway, they’ve so far done a damned good job teasing us, tantalizing us with only the slightest pieces of information. But in so doing, I have to say… it’s the first MMORPG I’ve ever truly been uber-excited about.

I’ve chosen to include some sketch art that showcases some character design and a particularly interesting hypothetical battle scene.

The Secret World: FactionsThe Secret World: A concept drawing

As Mike will tell you, I’m not really an MMO gamer. He will undoubtedly tell you this while peppering his description of me with insults and tirades, but that’s just the Mike we know and love. I’ve played quite a few in my day, don’t get me wrong. But only two have ever grabbed my attention for more than a free trial. City Of Heroes and, of course, WoW.

What is it, in a nutshell? Well, picture 2012 mixed with Shadowrun mixed with a big bag of fucking hardcore badass and that’s what you got. Essentially, if we’re to believe the clues left on the web site,, it looks as if 2012 triggers some world-changing event and magic, monsters, zombies, dinosaurs and other creatures we haven’t seen yet just explode into the world.

The Secret World: Early Alpha

At the core of the game are the three secret societies – The Templars, The Illuminati and The Dragon. You pick one, and despite some probable cross-society battling, everyone is trying to rid the world of the evil that has unfurled it’s banner and laid it’s claim on earth. I love the idea in a video game sense – you have everyone working together FOR ONCE – but that doesn’t mean they won’t shit in each others’ cereal. On the above-mentioned site, there’s even a nifty


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