SWTOR Datacron Locations

This page is still very much under construction!
Note: The coordinates seem to go wonky when near a datacron, so all coordinates given are player coordinates with the datacrons in close visual range. Also, people tend to call “datacrons” “holocrons”, so even though I am trying to use the correct terminology, this content in this article could be called “SWTOR holocron locations” as well as “SWTOR datacron locations”.

Korriban – Empire

529,163 (The Wilds)
You’ll see this red +2 Willpower datacron sitting on the edge of a cliff to your left as you take the taxi from Sith Academy to the Wilds. After you walk around past the research outpost and into the valley; head to the right after picking up the find-the-supplies quest. It’ll be sitting there on the edge of the cliff.

152,80 (across from the Shuttle and Lord Solence)
This green +2 Endurance datacron is sitting behind the wall across from the shuttle off of Korriban. Simply skirt the wall and the datacron is sitting right there.

-56,378 (Tomb of Tulak Hord)
This datacron offers a red matrix shard and just sitting out in the open in a little pit in the open area in the middle of Tulak Hord’s tomb.

Ord Mantell – Republic

775,138 (north side of Manett Point Beach)
This white datacron offers a red matrix shard is located on the north beach of Manett Point Island. You can just make it out from the west side of the broken bridge. It is guarded by a level 6 elite commando, Captain Ethan Remak.

-650,-580 (on top of the mountain on Savrip Island)
This blue +2 Aim datacron is sitting on top of the tallest mountain on Savrip Island.

-969,8 (on the beach west of the Separatist Stronghold)
This yellow +2 Presence datacron is sitting on the beach, behind a rock formation on the far west of Ord Mantell, just west and below the landing pad in the Separatist Stronghold.

Tython – Republic

-642,35 (Upper Kaleth)
This red +2 Willpower datacron can be found on the way to the Chamber of Speech. After going up the stairs but before the medical droid, look to the right and you will see a pillar bridging a gap and the red glow of the datacron behind it. Follow it up and the datacron is at the base of a statue not far away.

-32,-36 (Flesh Raider Territory)
This green +2 Endurance datacron is learing at you from a waterfall cave that you cannot reach when you first see it. No worries, though. Go to -27,-30 and enter the cave there – it’ll lead you straight to it.

Tython Green Datacron

-89,93 (The Forge Remnants)
This white datacron containing a blue matrix shard is in a hidden flesh raider area in the Forge (marked on the map as the Forge Remnants).  Go to -113,88 in the south west corner of the Forge Remnants and look for a hole in the wall. Keep following that secret path to the flesh raider camp. The holocron is in the remains of a house in the back.

Domund Kaas – Empire

Coming soon! I have all of the datacron locations, I just need to write them up!

Coruscant – Republic

2327,472 (the Old Galactic Market)
This yellow +2 Presence datacron is sitting on the edge of a platform. When you see the first elevator to the platform; skip it. It won’t go all the way to the top. Instead go around the platforms base, the east side and another elevator will be there. Take that one up. There are a few mobs scattered around that you will need to take out. The datacron itself is guarded by 2 normal mobs and an elite. But they should pose much of a problem.

Balmora – Empire

-505,13 (Neebray Warehouse, Lower Level)
This white datacron containing a green matrix shard is located on the lower level of the Neebray Warehouse. You’ll need to bring a friend to unlock it though. There is a shield blocking off the room the holocron is in. There are 2 shield controls outside that you and a friend will have to activate that the same time.