Perfect World International (PC)

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Graphics: 8/10
Mechanics: 8/10
Story: 8/10

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GAME NAME: Perfect World International

DEVELOPER(S): Beijing Perfect World

PUBLISHER(S): Perfect World Entertainment

PLATFORM(S): Windows


RELEASE DATE(S): September 2, 2008


Perfect World International (PWI) is a free MMORPG created by Beijing Perfect World, a company based in China. The story is that Pangu, creator of the world, created a race that was uncivilized and war like. Pangu, seeing this, wiped out the first race in a great flood and stared anew. As time passed the first race started to reappear and attack the newer races. It is at this point in the back story that your character starts.

The first playable race you can chose is the humans and they can be Blademaster’s and Wizards. The Blademaster is your melee damage dealer that produces status effects and they can wear heavy armor for increased health or they can use light armor for increased magic. The Wizard is your nuker and uses light armor and magic weapons to enhance their powers. Also, both classes are allowed to be male or female.

The second playable race is the Winged Elves and they are currently at war with the humans. The Winged Elves can be both Archers and Clerics and both start with the ability to fly at level one instead of gaining flight at level 30 like the rest of the races. Now your Archers are your long range support players that only use bows, crossbows, or slingshots and use light armor for magic buffs. The clerics are our healers, for those that do not know, and they use wands, magic swords, pataka’s and glaive’s as well as light armor for the magic buffs.

The third playable race is the Untamed and they are the animal people and they can be the Barbarians or Venomancers. The Barbarians are the tanks and specialize in heavy weapons and armor. The Venomancers are the hunter class and specialize in poisons and light armor. This is the only race can only be one sex per class and as such the males are the Barbarians and the females are the Venomancers. The Barbarians can look like Lions, Tigers, Wolfs, and Panda Bears while the Venomancers can be Foxes, Rabbits, Bats, Dears and Cats.

The newest playable race is the Tideborn and they are the fish people; “Does any else smell tuna?” This race as well as a new area was added just recently in a new release that was free to the players. The Tideborn can be the newest classes of Assassins and Psychics. The Assassins can only use daggers and both light and heavy armor. The Psychics can only use Soul spheres and are best using light armor since they are magic dependent.

Now that we know about the races let’s talk about the game itself. There is a vast world to explore and at level 30 you can get your first flying mount to help you explore it. You also get to learn all four manufacturing skills by level five as well as a Genie (a fairy) that can be used to provide additional support. To top it off the game has a level cap of 105 and with a party of six you can make it to the cap in no time.

PWI doesn’t cost money to play so they make their money by game currency or an item early on in the game that you would normally get later on. You do this by buying game gold and use it in the Boutique at level 10. Now there is an auction system in the game as well that uses the game currency so buying gold is not the only way of getting something you want. I personally have not used the gold system as I don’t like to play that way. Also, PWI isn’t the only MMORPG that Beijing Perfect World has created. If you go to web site you will find more to play as well.


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